Weddings are an extra special day that’s why we always want to look and feel our best during this big day. There are so many tips teaching us on how to look stunningly perfect during a wedding. However, looking perfect is not enough; you also need to feel comfortable to fully enjoy the ceremony.

It’s a little challenging to be comfortable when you’re wearing something out of the ordinary like a layered wedding dress and high heeled bridal shoes. However, there are still ways to feel comfortable and cool so you’ll enjoy your special day to the fullest. Read along to learn more.

Avoid Wearing Tight Shape Wear

Most women wear shapewears to achieve a smoother silhouette especially when wearing a fit dress. However, it is best to avoid wearing extra tight ones that squeeze you in. Sure, you’ll achieve that slim silhouette you’re aiming for but it would definitely be uncomfortable to move around. You can’t enjoy the food much, can’t dance and move around comfortably and it would even feel extra hot when you wear tight shapewears. Sacrificing your comfort and happiness during your big day is never worth it.

Bring Extra Footwear

If you’re planning to wear those stunning high-heeled bridal shoes for your wedding day, be sure to bring in some extra footwear to swap them in. There are times that we can’t avoid hurting our feet when we wear uncomfortable high heels while dancing and partying. Having flats or low-heeled bridal shoes to swap with when needed will definitely give your feet the comfort they need.

On the other hand, you may also opt for specially designed ones that provide both comfort and style at the same time. You can be sure that these high heels are comfy for your wedding when you shop from our collection.

Have Some Air

Wedding dresses are hotter than what you think. If you’re getting married on a summer day, bringing in a handheld fan with you is essential to keep you cool during the ceremony. You can use this to blow some cool fresh air all over your body when you’re feeling hot and uncomfortable.

Pack a Wrap

On the contrary, if you’re getting married during cooler months, be sure to bring along a jacket or anything you can layer over your wedding dress when the temperature drops. You wouldn’t want to feel chilly while still taking pictures or spending time with your guests after the ceremony. This will help you keep warm and comfortable as you go around and enjoy your special day.

Unzip During the Trip

If you’re going to have a long trip to the wedding venue, it is best to unzip the back of your wedding dress along the way to make you feel more comfortable. With all the excitement and nervous feeling, it is inevitable to be sweaty hours before the ceremony. Have it zipped up when you arrive at the venue.

Being comfortable during your wedding day is the best way to help you enjoy and make the most of your special day.