Brides to be want their wedding day to be perfect. Some take a year to plan while others already know what they want when they were still little kids pretending to dress up. No matter how long or how short their preparation is, almost everyone who dreamt of their wedding day could agree that vital importance is given to the dress.

Finding the perfect dress is next to finding the perfect groom. Every bride to be wants to remember their wedding day as the day they felt the prettiest. They spend hours with their bridesmaids scouring for the dress. But, there are times that the perfect wedding veil is neglected. Fortunately, it is quite easy to match the veil with the dress.

Birdcage Veil

Do not be turned off by the name of this veil. Adorned with feathers, this veil is perfect if your theme is “glam” and your dress is stylish and sophisticated. This veil is also advisable for no-fuss brides since it is short and just covers the face. Brides who opt for a civil or registry wedding in contrast to a grand wedding also choose this type of veil. Due to its laidback look, birdcage veil is perfect for short wedding dresses and dresses embellished with laces.

Juliet Cap

Inspired and named after what Juliet Capulet of the Romeo and Juliet fame wore, juliet veil caps are ideal for boho brides. Usually embellished with lots of adornments, this veil is already a statement on its own. The veil is enough and lessens the need for any hair adornments. Juliet cap is also recommended to be worn with vintage inspired wedding dresses or if you have that 1920’s Great Gatsby kind of theme. Famous brides who donned the Juliet cap veil are Kate Moss, Lily Allen and Grace Kelly.

Halo Veil

Similar to Juliet cap, halo veil is popular among brides who favor the bohemian look. From the name itself, this veil will give the bride an ethereal look by having a headpiece that looks like a halo. Since the veil is draped over the bride, it is recommended that the headpiece be heavy, to weigh down the veil and keep it from slipping or flying away.

Cathedral Veil

If you are more of the traditional and classic kind of bride, you could not go wrong with the cathedral veil. If you envision yourself to be a bride worthy of a fairytale kind of wedding, choose a billowing ball gown and a cathedral veil. Make your maid of honor and bridesmaids work by arranging your floor length sweeping veil for a dramatic entrance that would make all the guests gasp.

Having the perfect wedding dress also entails having the perfect veil that would complete and complement your wedding day look. Don’t overlook this little detail or do not forego thinking you are not the veil wearing type of bride. There is a type of veil for every bride. You just have to look for it, like how you look for your dress. Trust us, your wedding veil would make you every inch of the glowing, blushing bride on your wedding day.