Flowers are a staple when it comes to romance. There are flowers during Valentine’s Day, during courtship, anniversaries, and most importantly, during weddings. Couples to be wed spend tons of time, not to mention, money, deciding on which flowers to use and how much of the wedding budget is to be allocated on flowers.

The flowers’ colors

One of the major ways flowers affect your wedding’s aesthetic is because of their colours. If you have a motif or a theme, they could further be reinforced by the flowers’ colours. The flowers could also make the venue look more romantic, contemporary, rustic or bohemian, depending on your preference. Going for a classic and timeless look and feel? opt for white roses and white dahlias.

The flowers’ arrangements

Roses are already a given. White roses are classic while red roses signify passion. Not only do the flowers’ colours contribute to the whole appearance of your wedding, their arrangements and choice of flowers could also influence the aesthetic. Big, unusual flowers with foliage and ferns are preferred by brides going for a bohemian theme such as King Protea and Philodendron leaves.

A mixture of white and blue Hydrangea gives off an elegant vibe. Peach Peonies with Roses on the other hand are a low-key luxurious choice without going over the top with the flower’s selection. Once you have an idea of the flowers you want to be prominent in your wedding, look for suppliers offering wedding flower packages to save some money especially if the ones you prefer are out of season.

The flowers’ meaning

It might not be a common knowledge but flowers have a meaning behind them. Lilies have different meanings depending on their colours. Red ones are frequently used during weddings because they symbolize passion, same as red tulips.

If you want to use non-traditional flowers, Red Salvia are “forever mine” and what can be more romantic than that one especially when you are vowing to spend the rest of your lives together? Some brides also choose to include Myrtle in their bouquet because this one stands for good luck in love and marriage.

The flowers’ season

Buying on season flowers are not only cheaper, it is also recommended. If you insist on using winter flowers during summer, not only would they be significantly pricier, they might not survive the duration of your wedding and might wilt at the middle of the ceremony.

When you are planning your wedding, you also have to consider this especially if you have a particular favourite flower that you could not just be wed without. If you are a fan of Roses, you are in luck since they are almost in bloom the whole year. But if you are a fan of Gardenia or Amaryllis, choose to get married in winter when these flowers are in bloom.

Flowers are vital because they affect the whole theme of your wedding, not only because of their colours but also because of the meaning behind the flowers and the season when you would have your wedding.