There is a lot of options from bridal caps and cathedral veils, there are also so various different and diverse types of veil lengths as well as styles and a load of details that you can pick from when it comes to one of the most iconic and important accessories for brides; the veil. So then, in that case, how can you know what is right for you and what it is that you should not be choosing? Here is a quick and simple guideline that you can use for the same.

Begin With the Length of the Veil That You Want

To find the perfect veil that will match your wedding style, you must first consider length. First of all, test out a large variety of options when you go for your bridal dress fitting so that you can understand what works best with your gown. This means finding a style that complements your overall silhouette, which is a great way to get started. For instance shorter veils like birdcages, blushers and bandeaus can lend you more personality and can also help with a retro look. The longer ones like chapel, cathedral and ballet will help you look more formal and traditional. You can also customize your veils if you actually cannot find something you truly enjoy. Look for suppliers like Madame Tulle veils where you are able to find what you want from a range of high quality and diverse options. You should also make sure that what you are choosing is actually reasonable for the price you are paying.

Choose a Colour That Complements You

Your aim should be to match the colour of the veil to the colour of your wedding gown as much as you can. Since photos may not always accurately display or portray the right colour, you should also always bring a swatch of fabric from your dress so you have the right shade to go with when you are shopping. The one exception to this is vintage veils and anything antique because any attempt to dye these will completely ruin it and it is not worth it at all. As long as the colours are close enough and matching up somewhat, you should not worry as they will look good and work together.

Use Embellishments to Strike the Right Balance

If your wedding dress is quite heavily embellished, you must remember to keep your veil on the clean and minimalist side, with any areas and designs that are also minimal. A gown that is simple and streamlined will allow you to be a bit more adventurous in the veil area where you can go for even a cathedral veil that is gorgeous and intricately designed.  Look at different shapes, and also look for diverse textures and accents as well. You don’t have to always match your veil and wedding dress exactly but there is a fair chance that you can get them to complement each other as well. Make sure that you do not go overboard with matching and lose out on good designs as well.