Most wedding follow a usual sequence of events and anyone who attends a wedding can except this. So how then can you make your wedding stand out from the rest and have something special that will wow your guests and have them talking about it for a while, I mean after all isn’t that what you want? To have the people that attend your wedding to not only have a good time but to actually remember the events of the day? I think everyone who spends a great deal of money for a wedding wants this, otherwise what would be the point of putting aside so much of money and putting all that extra effort to have everything looking absolutely stunning?

It’s not easy to include a special something in your wedding that will stun the crowd because let’s be realistic for second, you can’t really have weird things going on your wedding and still maintain decorum and elegance. So naturally it will have to be something acceptable and also presentable, but most importantly it needs to be something that is doable and not an impossible feat. Another thing you might want to keep in mind is that you want to make it stand out and not just another thing that everyone else does, so considering all these facts you will have to come up with something that would make your guests remember while being a feasible task. Here are a few suggestions:

Light Up The Sky!

This is something that people haven’t really done in wedding till quite recently and even so not many people do this. Naturally this would be one of those things that you could do to stand out from the rest of the weddings being held. You could quite easily get a fireworks display hire for your wedding and have them light up the fireworks at a time requested by you. Some people do this as the couple says I do, some people prefer to wait afterwards and have the display at the end of the ceremony any and some even have the display on when the couple is leaving the venue.

When you would be doing the display is totally up to you; to choose the best and most appropriate time for this you could consider the events of the day and see where such an extravagant event would fit. If you could have the display match the theme of your wedding this will really spice things up but if it seems a bit like too much of work needs to be done and too much of an extra cost then don’t stress too much about it because the fact that you have a firework display itself will be a crowd pleaser.

Organize A Surprise Dance

Another fun thing to do to make your evening much more entertaining and special is to organise a surprise dance; this type of thing is very entertaining to everyone present as it would be done by the bridal party itself.