When we think of office wear, the usual things that come to mind are boring, dull clothes. However, this should not always be the case. Dressing up well in the workplace is essential if you want your career to advance faster than the usual. First impressions last that’s why it is important to make an impact every time your boss and colleagues see you at work. Here are some tips on how to make your office wear more stylish and chic than the usual.

Add a Pop of Colour

Most corporate wardrobes consist of dark and neutral colours. However, adding a pop of colour to your outfit won’t break the look. For instance, if you’re wearing earthy coloured outfit, you can wear a bright coloured scarf to lift up the overall mood of your attire. You may also wear a coloured top under a neutral coloured suit or blazer to add more style on your outfit. You’d definitely stand out among the rest by simply adding a pop of colour to your office wear.

Choose Patterned Blouses

Instead of wearing your plain old office top, opt for a patterned blouse instead. Patterned and coloured blouses can easily transform regular womens workwear, making it look more lively and stylish. You can keep other pieces neutral such as the pants, skirt or blazer since the focal point of you outfit is your patterned blouse. Minimal jewellery is needed for this ensemble to avoid overdoing the look. A neutral coloured bag and shoes is an ideal pick since it matches almost any colour.

Cinch the Waist

Sure everyone has some loose baggy blouses and dresses in their corporate wardrobe. Make them look chic by wearing a belt or a sash to cinch your waist and flatter your figure. Aside from that, this trick also gives you a different way of styling your office clothes. Give yourself a confidence boost by working on with a smoother silhouette.

Wear Heels

Wearing heels is definitely a great way to upgrade your regular office wear. This doesn’t mean that you have to wear pumps or stilettos. Just a simple kitten heel will do, as long as your footwear isn’t flat. Heeled footwear gives your outfit a more polished and structured look than flats. Aside from that, walking on heels can slightly boost a woman’s confidence in the way they hold themselves.

Choose Well-Fit Clothes

Loose and baggy clothes have no place in the office. Aside from looking unprofessional, they also won’t give your body a flattering figure. If you have loose clothing, getting them tailored is worth it. Sure it would cost you a little but having clothes that fit you well instantly makes you look smart and polished at the workplace.

With these easy to remember tips, getting dressed stylishly at the office has never been this easy. Aside from looking more fashionable and chic, you can also make great first impressions with anyone you deal with. Try these basic tips and improve your office appearance instantly.