If you are planning to organize a baby shower for your friend you will have to make sure you plan and prepare for it well in advance. Planning one of these delightful events is not at all an easy experience but it sure will be an exciting one. Read on and find out how you will be able to organize a baby shower for your friend with ease.

Decide On The Date

You will have to decide on the date of the event well in advance. This is quite important. There will have to be lots of people attending the event so you will have to make sure you plan and prepare a date which will be convenient for all or most of the guests that you are planning to invite for the event. If you can select a weekend it will be easier for everyone for sure.

Group of happy female friends hugging pregnant woman outdoors. Expecting mother and her friends with smoke grenade at baby shower.

Be sure to first speak to the mom to be and find out if she will be free on the date that you have in mind. After that you can speak to the others involved. You will have to speak to your friend’s partner as well and plan the guest list if you are planning to have the baby shower as a surprise for the mother to be. This is quite important. By no means should she find out about the event if she is not supposed to know about it.

Make A Gift Registry

You will also have to pay attention and make a great gift registry. This is quite important. Keep in mind that babies can be rather expensive so you have to try as much as you can to ensure that you reduce the financial burden that your friends will be having. You can pool in and invest in one big ticket item like a crib or a stroller if you like. Car seats are also essential big-ticket items that you will have to focus on.

If you want you can opt to give individual gifts too. This will also be a great way to make the mom to be feel super special. If you are living in Australia you can consider items by Jellycat Bunnies too. These cute items will be well loved by all for sure. You can research and find out more about these gift ideas as you research online.

Invite the Right People

You need to make the list of invites well in advance too. This is very important. As it was mentioned earlier, if you want to surprise your friend, you will have to make sure that you speak to your friend’s partner and make the invitees list. This will make sure that everyone that your friend wants at the event will be notified. You will be able to make your friend happy this way for sure.

Pay Attention to The Basics

You need to make sure that you plan some great games as well as plan some nice décor elements as well. Be sure to decorate the place well too and arrange a photographer as well!