A wedding is something special, it’s an occasion where two souls who love each other come together, and that may happen only once in someone’s life, therefore the day where they come together should be the most memorable. Planning a wedding takes a lot of time as there are a lot of things to do from deciding a date, booking a venue, inviting guests, shopping for clothes, catering, photography and the list goes on.


To get things done without a hassle it’s better to sit with your partner and list down all the things that should be done, you can involve the family too. It’s good to write them down instead of just talking it out because the chances are you might forget a few things in the busyness of the whole preparation.

Date and Time

The date of the wedding should be discussed among the two parties, in certain cultures they consider an auspicious day and time and this may influence the decision. So, whatever it is communicate with the other party to decide. Depending on your choice you can hold it in the afternoon or at the night.


Browse around online and look for halls that you would like to hold the wedding.  Initially you can pick multiple venues, go there personally because some things are perceived better when seen in real than in pictures. Once you have chosen place your bookings early. One of the first things that you should get done when you are planning to get married is booking the venue, because they are something that can get booked fast and you would miss the opportunity to hold the wedding in the place you like.

Other option you can consider is to have the wedding in an open space, surf the internet for a beautiful location near your place, it’s even a trend to hold weddings on a beach. After you have chosen, book the place. The thing about open space you can add a lot of décor with furniture and stage you like. To make it more magical you can install pergolas Melbourne eastern suburbs where you exchange vows or in the dancing area.


Food is important no matter the occasion. Fix on a good place that makes delicious food, because most of the time the guests like to talk about, after the bride and the groom, is the food which is why it’s very important to give the order to a place that makes clean and delicious food. Here too place your order beforehand to prevent any mishaps in the last moment


The list of guests should be discussed by both sides. Decide on how many guests you are going to invite from both sides.


You can choose a very simple invitation or customize a card of your choice. Try to insert some nice quotes about marriage to add that little touch of uniqueness to your invitation card


If you have a theme for your wedding you can pick out the clothes based on it. technology has made everything simple that you have the capability of browsing for your suit and gowns online and then you can visit them for the measurements.

For the decor you can hire people to get the job done, sit down and discuss with them what type of theme and design you are going with. Photography is another important thing; a wedding is very special and you might want to capture all those beautiful moments so that you would be able to cherish it for long.