Planning an open-airor outdoor wedding comes with many challenges and can be frightening. Many couples love the idea but caves at the challenges they may face but some choose to do so because it is worth the risk. Whether it is an outdoor wedding at home, at the beach or an open garden of a hotel there are many factors that needed be considered while planning.

Predicting the Unpredictable

If you live somewhere with unpredictable weather the most important factor is to be prepared for whatever the weather might offer on your big day. The wedding ceremony is usually done in the open sky and the reception is carried to a large tent so that the guests are somewhat protected from a slight drizzle that may appear. If strong winds or bad weather is predicted a few days before the wedding it is advisable to have a backup plan to move the wedding indoors if needed. Alternatively, you can arrange wedding favours such as customized umbrellas or handheld fans depending on the weather predictions.

Tiny Things are Important

Another most important factor to consider is to have a reliable electricity supply that will enable the power supply to the basic lighting, sounds, a microphone for the speeches, a strong power for the DJ or Band equipment that will last long enough until the end of the function. Renting a generator that will provide sufficient power for the entire function is a better solution than buying a generator just for this purpose. Companies provide generators for hire and may also offer the service of a technician for the event. So you do not have to worry about any technical difficulties that may happen during the event.

Pay Attention to Decor

One of the perks of having an outdoor wedding is that with the natural exquisiteness of the location. You need very little to decorate yet you still need to do some work. If there is greenery make sure the grass is mown a few days before the wedding date. Decoration can be outsourced, little decorations on the chairs and tables at the reception area, string lights, little lanterns, or decorations with lights hanging on the trees can be used to lighten up the location. For the ceremony, an arch or a frame kind of setting can be used so that it can be the spot where the couple says their vows and it will help capture some amazing pictures.

Expect to Eat Well at Weddings

When it comes to the food and drinks, choose a food caterer that has prior experience in outdoor wedding catering as the food menu has to strictly adhere to the weather expectations, food that needs to be served cold needs to be avoided as it can go bad while sitting out in the hot weather unless the food is kept indoors under the right temperature this wouldn’t be a problem. If the occasion is to happen during the day it is best to have cold beverages like lemonades, iced tea, or punches served on one side to keep the guest comfortable and happy.

This is also not a bad idea for a night reception as alcohol can be dehydrating and this will help them hydrate.