Whether it is a birthday or an anniversary or graduation, the best people to celebrate your milestone with is your immediate family. Commemorating a special event should be one that will be remembered and enjoyed to the fullest with the people closest to your heart. If you have decided to host such an event at a restaurant of your choosing, use these pointers to assist you to handle it in the most organized way to make sure that everyone is comfortable and has a good time.

Inform The Family And Decide On A Date

The first step would be to inform your family and select the most convenient time for them. Make sure that all of them understand that you are treating them to dinner and they wouldn’t be obliged to pay for anything. Once the date and time are confirmed, you would need to decide on a venue that would be different from where you would usually take your family, for instance try out a venue that would cater to a different menu.


Make sure that you are aware of the budget and that everything that is included in it including the transport you would need to arrange for your immediate family to join and other added taxes that are not mentioned in the package you have chosen. Being conscious of what it would cost you, go ahead and decide on the restaurant of your choosing and host this get together effortlessly.

Speak To The Restaurant And Decide On A Menu

When the restaurant is selected, you would need to call up the restaurant and reserve a table. While making reservations it is important to inquire what the per-head rate packages are like and what is included in the decided package of the chosen menu.  If it is a special occasion like a birthday most restaurants treat the “birthday girl or boy” to a free dessert on the house. If it happens to be such an occasion don’t forget to mention it when you are making the reservation.

Decide On A Gift

You may want to get a small gift from you in honor of the occasion. If it is your wedding anniversary or a bridal shower for your partner before you both tie the knot, you may want to get her something playful just to let her know you’re thinking of her. It should also be something that is personal between the two of you like lace bodysuits for instance.

Confirm The Date

Confirm the date with the rest of your family and arrange the transport that would be needed to bring the other members of your immediate family to ensure that no one misses out on the event.

When the date arrives, everything will work according to plan and once again it is important that all members of your family understand that you feel honored to have them in your life you would have to make this decision based on whether the mother to be is able to go to an outdoor event if planned, or if she generally enjoys the outdoors. If the answer is no to one or both of the above questions, having a backyard event or a simple event at home is equally acceptable.