The event of a wedding is one of the most awaited parties in your entire life. Although you get inspired by celebrities who get married with a bang along with everything extravagant, there is absolutely no need for you to recreate somebody else’s idea of perfect. There are many ways in which you too can plan your wedding to be as elegant as you wish it would be, by using simple tips. Weddings that happen with a big hoo-ha might not be everybody’s cup of tea, so here are some tips that apply to anyone who would love an elegant wedding;

Limit Your Guest List

Having a grand wedding with people you are close to, relatives that you have never seen before friends of every one of your friends might be lovely, but it misses the personal touch to it. Create your guest list in a way where YOU decide who would attend to witness this beautiful ceremony to whisper a few words of genuine blessings. When planning a wedding, ensure your guest list to be extremely personal so that you are able to spend time with them through the occasion as well.

Pick One Venue

There is often the drill of transporting your guests from the venue of the wedding to the venue of the reception, which not only consumes time out of your precious day but also adds up to an additional expense. Choosing one venue that is comfortable in hosting your wedding ceremony and your reception would eliminate the hassle of shuttling. Venues that pose with nature are far more suitable for any elegant wedding as it would require very little decoration for beautifying, it is instead elevated through the beauty of the scenery, be it a beach wedding or one in a turf.

Hire an Expert Planner

Even though most people consider wedding planners to incur you of a  great cost, what should be understood is that these planners have several vendors who are trusted by them, who then provide services as an all-inclusive deal for a cost lesser than when you do it without an expert coordinator. All-inclusive deals such as show limousines for weddings, food, alcohol, entertainment, and decorations are options that can be offered to you exclusively through a wedding planner. It would eliminate the need to incur added expense as they would be taken care of.

Go All Out on Your Bridal Party

The usual weddings have bridesmaids who dress in a theme to match the wedding tone. This time consider informing your girls to shop together and find clothes that would not only be able to be used in the future but also add class and elegance to the whole event. Who says we have to stick to one rigid policy; Let’s go all out!

All the above tips are those that would transform your celebrity idea of perfect into your own. A grand wedding is not always a beautiful wedding, so make your wedding as elegant as it can be with a lot of simplicity as well. Good Luck!