Although this is a celebration for you and your spouse as a family and you will want to celebrate and share your joy with everyone you know, try to keep your guest list short. Not only will you later appreciate that it was celebrated in an intimate fashion with individuals that love you and your baby; but knowing that these people will always be a present and positive figure in your family’s life.

Make sure that close friends and family are present. In addition, since a photoshoot has been a growing trend for events such as these, your baby may be quite busy when it is finally time for the part to take place. Having a large crowd present may result in your baby being fussy and tired having to handle a sea of faces that he or she is not too familiar with.

Select A Location

You will then need to select a location once your guest list is finalized. If you have enough space at your residence to host the event you can do that. But should you choose to host it outside, you may want to check out an event hall, hotel or even a large restaurant like restaurants Narre Warren for instance. Make sure that the venue is central to the location you are having the photo shoot, if you have decided it has one and a close proximity to home. But you will also need to make sure all those you have invited will find the location easy to get to.

Choose A Birthday Party Theme

The next thing that you will need to do is to choose a theme. The common way to go is to choose a trending cartoon or cartoon character. This will depend on what you and your partner decide on. However make sure that you make it as colorful as possible. Explore shops that specialize in decorations to get a wide range of options and make sure that you shop for fun, bright decorations. Not only will the venue look lively and absolutely beautiful, but you will also be left with some beautiful pictures to help memorialize the occasion of your baby’s first birthday.


And finally and yet, most importantly, you and your partner will have to decide on a budget before you get started on planning the birthday party. This is simply because it is easy to get carried away with how much you end up spending on the event.

Know how much you are willing to spend, be aware of how many individuals and the number of kids you are expected to have. You will also need to make sure that the food that you order for the event is kid friendly as well as something that the adults might enjoy. A popular choice would be finger food if it is an early evening party. However the menu would depend on the time of the day you are planning to host the party.