There are quite a few obstacles that you have to deal with as a working woman. However, when you aren’t trying to overcome glass ceilings, another problem you may be contending with is your work wear. See, on the one hand, you want to look polished and professional at all times. Still, you can’t help but want to exude a certain amount of femininity as well. In case you feel like you are resigned to only wearing boxy suits to work, think again. The following style tips will help you get onto the right track:

Tailoring is Key

The first thing that you will need to make certain of is that all of your clothes fit you perfectly. Now, they don’t have to be skin tight but they do need to skim the curves of your body. By doing so, you will be able to ensure that you always look pulled together. At the same time, you will be highlighting your feminine figure without being too revealing. Therefore, you will be able to strike the perfect balance at all times. If you find it difficult to find clothes that fit you well, you will need to look for a good tailor so that your clothes can be fitted to your body type.

Choose the Right Materials

Although you may not think about it too much, materials tend to have traits on your own. For instance, tweed can seem overly mature and laced up while leather helps to add some serious edge. So, what type of materials are best for the workplace? Well, in this instance, it is silk that will meet the criteria for both professional and feminine. To make matters even better, it is suitable for climates all year round. Check out fashion labels like thefable clothes when shopping to find some of the best silk clothing on the market.

Mix Neutrals with Softer Tones

Most women tend to stick with neutral colours like black, grey, navy, and white for their work wear. This, of course, is because these are the shades that look best in the workplace. At the same time, you don’t need to shun brighter shades altogether. Rather, it is about understanding how to make them complement each other. Add some pops of colour to your outfit with the help of a soft coloured or pastel shirt or top. This way, you can still remain professional without looking like a boring wall of colour.

Soften Up Blazers

Depending on your dress code, you may need to wear a blazer. However, men-inspired jackets aren’t your only option. With blazers, opt for softer styles like ones with gentle ruffles or flares at the bottom. You can also go with jackets that have different necklines just to add a bit of interest to your outfit. You can also consider two-toned blazers so that you can break up the monotony of a solid shade. Remember, sizing is important here too so avoid opting for blazers that are too large or bulky.

As you can see, you don’t have to feel like you should be forced to wear unflattering clothes, even at work. These tips should help you to dress the way that you want to.